About Us


Our Top Mission

Our organization is here to encourage YOU to achieve your personal goals, become self-reliant, and make personal choices which will improve the quality of your life. ABD Services aspires to increase each individual’s ability to advocate for themselves, participate fully in their communities and maximize their independence.

Put your mind to it


We believe in building upon your strengths and abilities. Our organization offers individually tailored mental health services to children and adults making it possible for them to learn the life skills needed to remain a viable part of the community. These time sensitive, family preservation services benefits children or adolescents who are at risk of an out-of-home placement or are transitioning back home from an out-of-home placement, as well as adults who require support in cultivating effective life skills.

Let's Work Together


We want to connect you and show you how to utilize the resources in your community to maximize your personal goals. We are proud of the long-term relationships we have developed with the individuals we serve because we are dedicated to excellence in all that we do. ABD provides exceptional services to ensrue that the individuals we serve have opportunities to live , learn and work in their communities.

Let's go!


ABILITIES focuses on the individual. We want to empower individuals by strengthening family and community relationships. We are here to facilitate and support an individual’s development of needed skills for self-advocacy. Our mission is to increase self-sufficiency and maximize independence. For the past 14 years our staff have worked with individuals to help them achieve stability and encourage independence at home and in the community. Our success is built on a commitment to provide quality services tailored to each individuals’ needs. Our services will provide solutions for abilities beyond disabilities.